Incan Berries

Incan Berries

Main health benefits:

  • An excellent food for intestinal health and regularity
  • Contain high levels of bioflavonoids which have been shown to have antiviral, anticarcinogenic, anti-inflammatory, antihistamine, and antioxidant properties
  • Help to lower cholesterol (LDL cholesterol)
  • Help the body to detoxify
  • Improve the absorption of nutrients in the body

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Prized since ancient times, Inca berries are a delicious superfruit with high levels of phosphorous, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B12 and protein.  Inca berries also have high levels of bioflavoniods.  These little golden berries are frequently enjoyed by vegans, vegetarians and others looking for a delicious and nutritious treat.

Inca berries are also called physalis or the cape gooseberry.  Inca berries grow on small plants.  The yellow fruit of the Inca berry is surrounded by a thin, paper-like leaf.  The fruit starts as green and turns to its characteristic golden color as it ages.   Incaberries grow best at high altitudes.  High altitudes in tropical regions of South America are the most common locations for Inca berries.Inca Berries
The Incaberry is delicious.  The small berries are often described as flavor packed morsels. Inca berries have a sweet flavor that combines with a tart finish for an overall unique but enjoyable experience.  While Inca berries are commonly enjoyed by the handful as a dried fruit, they can also make a wonderful addition to many recipes.  Inca berries can be eaten dried, either alone or with other fruits.  Trail mixes are especially delicious when a few handfuls of Inca berries are mixed in.  Try mixing Inca berries with chocolate.  Chocolate covered Inca berries are amazing.
They also make a great addition into baked goods, such as muffins, biscuits, cakes and cookies. Some find that Inca berries and cheese make a delightful flavor combination.  Inca berries are increasingly being seen as an addition to high end cheese platters.
These berries are known for their delightful flavor as well as their interesting texture.  They have a soft and chewy texture that is very enjoyable.  This texture combined with the sweet and sour combination of this fruit, makes Inca berries a unique culinary sensation.  These golden berries are a delicious and nutritious way to supplement a healthy diet.
While Inca berries are easy to eat, they also provide a wealth of nutritional benefits to those that consume them.  Inca berries are one of the richest fruit sources of fiber available.

    The Inca berry had more dietary fiber than many other fruits.
    Inca berries have almost double the fiber of dates.
    Inca berries also have more fiber than prunes, blueberries, raisins and apricots.

Inca berries support cellular metabolism.  This is due to the high levels of vitamin B12 that the Inca berries contain.  This makes Inca berries a great natural source of energy.  Many people that regularly consume Inca berries say that Inca berries make them feel great and report high increases in energy levels and mental functioning. They are an excellent source of antioxidants.  Components found in the Inca berries have been shown to reduce inflammation as well.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to try this ancient treat, you should.  Inca berries are one of the most delicious superfoods that you will find. Inca berries are commonly available dried, chocolate covered and occasionally fresh.  However you try Inca berries, your taste buds will surely be delighted.



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