Dietary Minerals are the chemical elements required by the human body to function normal and optimally.

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Everyone knows that vitamins are important to our health.  However, nutritional minerals are also an important part of a healthy diet.  Our bodies get the vitamins and minerals that we need from the foods that we eat.  It is important to eat the right foods so that the body gets the minerals that it requires.
Minerals are just as important to overall health as vitamins.  Iron is one example.  Iron is a mineral that helps oxygen travel through the blood to the brain.  This mineral also contributes to cell growth and function.  Without minerals, the body could not function properly and sickness would occur.
It is important to get the minerals we need from the foods that we eat.  This helps us to ensure that our bodies can use the minerals that we consume.  There are many necessary minerals but a few of the most common ones are calcium, iron, potassium and zinc.  Many foods are a great source of important minerals.  However, superfoods tend to have more nutritional content than regular foods.  This means that consuming superfoods can be a great way for our body to get the minerals that it needs.

  •     There is more than 5 times the amount of the mineral calcium in chia seeds than in milk.
  •     There are 21 trace minerals in goji berries.
  •     Spirulina have 23 times more iron than spinach.
  •     Barley grass contains organic sodium which is a great mineral for joint pain.

Most superfoods contain at least one mineral, although many have high concentrations of multiple minerals.
As you learn more about minerals, you will learn which foods are good sources of the minerals that you need.  For example these common foods are great sources of iron: meat, eggs, beans, raisins, goji berries, spirulina, broccoli and whole grains.  The mineral potassium is often found in bananas, broccoli, tomatoes and beans.  Zinc can be found primarily in meat products but also in beans and legumes, while calcium is found in milk as well as in chia seeds.
A well balanced diet needs to consist of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed to support optimal health.  Since many diets are lacking in these minerals, superfoods are a great supplement for increased nutrition.  If you feel that your diet is in need of more nutrients, consider adding in a few superfoods.
Diets that do not have enough minerals can cause health problems.  For example, if you do not get enough calcium it can lead to bone and teeth problems.  If you do not get enough zinc, your body may struggle with healing.  A deficiency in minerals will lead to health problems, which is why it is so important for your body to get the minerals that it needs each day.  Minerals are an important part of your diet and should be consumed each day.

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